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Theramine® is a specially formulated Medical Food, intended for the dietary management of the altered metabolic processes associated with pain syndromes and inflammatory conditions. Theramine has been trusted by pain specialists for over 15 years.
Theramine is an effective and safe way to manage the increased amino acid requirements of chronic pain syndromes. Theramine is not an NSAID or an opioid. There have been no reported GI bleeds or adverse cardiac events associated with Theramine. Theramine is a non-addictive and safe therapeutic option for the dietary management of chronic pain syndromes. People who cannot tolerate the side effects of NSAIDs, opioids or other pain medications can benefit from amino acid therapies like Theramine. There have been over 30 million doses taken since 2004 with no reported adverse side effects. 
Why Theramine?
Theramine has helped chronic pain sufferers for over 15 years!
Historical Success
Theramine was proven safe and effective for chronic pain sufferers in multiple clinical trials.
Supported By Clinical Trials
Pain management physicians around the world give their patients Theramine®.
Trusted By Experts
More On Amino Acid Depletion
Dr. David Silver, an expert on pain management briefly discusses amino acid depletion and its affects on pain.
Theramine addresses the increased amino acid requirements caused by chronic pain syndromes safely and effectively. There have been two double blind clinical trials supporting the efficacy of Theramine for chronic pain.
How Does Theramine Help?
Research shows that chronic pain sufferers are deficient in specific amino acids required to naturally combat pain.* Improving diet is not enough to mend this deficiency.
Chronic Pain Sufferers
Theramine uses small milligram quantities in its formula so that your body doesn't build a tolerance!
Long Term Health
Theramine® uses small milligram quantities of amino acids individually recognized to aid in the fight against pain and inflammation. Theramine will not lose efficacy over, eliminating the need to increase dosing. Theramine does not interfere with other medications, and has had no reported adverse side effects in over 15 years of clinical use.
How Theramine® compares to common pain medications.
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